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Green Smoodee® Packages

Door-to-door deliveries of smoodelicious GREEN SMOOTHIES that gives you all the great tasting living enzymes, vitamins, minerals and liquefied sunshine you need in a day!

Be Healthy, Be Happy!

LINS Smoodees™ specialises in blending green smoothies. Each package is planned to give you, in two weeks, 7 colours of the rainbow in your diet and a variety of local greens well rotated. Bringing you the BEST there is to OFFER. What do we use?

Locally (100 miles from Singapore) grown organic leafy greens & herbs, ORGANIC (if not pesticide & chemical free) local and seasonal whole fruits using filtered alkaline (kangen) water. No milk. No sugar.
FRESH from Our Blender, DIRECT to You.

A gorgeously blended green smoothie provides incredible nourishment, energy, jump-starts detoxification and enhances self-rejuvenation. Simply nutritious and delicious!

LINS Smoodees™ are Lovingly Infused with Nature’s Sweetness by The Healing Concierge since Spring of 2010.

“Cheers to Drinking Green!”
~ Adeline Tan, Chief Concierge, The Healing Concierge



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